Corley Corral

Farming organically since 2000

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First of all, I want to acknowledge all the volunteers who have helped us with this ongoing project. We couldn’t have done this without them!  Thank you Dariana, Julia, Seth, Alice, Jason, Allison, Angela, Marie, Lexi, Katy, Josie, Amy, Jose, Hayden, Aaron, Will, Amy, Wassily, Michael, Isaac, Heewon, Anna, Mystique, Jeremy, Alison, Sarah, Jorge, Monique, Teej, Amy, Clete, Kaori, Rebecca, Susanne, Carolina, Jenni, Lena, Linda, Steve, Daniel, Robbie, Karina, Sean, Will, John, Chrissy, Hannah, Jocelyn, Keiko, Sean, Steve, Nikki, Jennifer, Dyana, Thomas, and a special thanks to Kristen for building this beautiful website. Photos are compliments of Lexi, Steve, Carole and Kristen.

We accept volunteers year-round.  We are currently working on preparing the garden areas for spring and summer planting, clearing a path through the woods; adding and repairing fence; overhauling the flower beds; and canning and preserving all the fresh vegetables and fruits that we have available.  Our work days are usually 6 hours depending on needs/weather so expect to stay busy with various projects.  Be prepared to get your hands in the dirt.  During the off season, some of our non-agriculture activities will include weeding, splitting wood, gathering firewood, painting, or other general maintenance of a homestead and barn. Bring your bike to enjoy the lovely area in your leisure time.

Housing can vary depending on availability and weather, or camping is also an option if preferred. We can also accommodate your RV.  We now offer a one room primitive, but comfortable cabin,heated with a wood stove, to be shared by volunteers with daily bath privileges in the main house.  A one month commitment or more is desirable but not required.  Check with us early about availability. We are looking for mature, motivated self-starters.  Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested.


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