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Farming organically since 2000

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2012-2013 Winter

Well this winter weather 2012-2013 has been a roller coaster ride in middle Georgia.  I love the spring-time weather but we really need a good freeze to help cut down on the summer time bugs around here.  The cabin is coming along slowly but nicely.  The walls and ceiling are a hodge-podge (sp) of reclaimed lumber but keeping with the cabin “feel.”  The woofers are loving it and get that “camping-out” feeling.  We are enjoying teaching them what we know about growing organic vegetables and raising animals but we are also learning from our volunteers too.  So many bright young people just setting out in this world with a plan to grow and learn about their food.  Eat healthy!  Sandy


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Potbellied stove

I am so excited to have the installation of our potbellied stove completed in the wwoofer cabin! This was a project that tooks some time to gather parts, research to make sure it was properly and safely installed and it is doing a fine job of heating the cabin. This antique stove belonged to my great-grandmother and she would be proud to know that it is still being put to good use and still in the family! Picture soon!