Corley Corral

Farming organically since 2000

Slow summer 2016

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We took this summer off from planting a huge garden.  It was probably just as well due to the lack of consistent rain.  Watering is a huge factor since we are on a well.  My 2 year old grandson fell and broke his femur this Spring, so I spent a lot of time taking care of him while he was in a cast.  And then I fell in May and broke my ankle!  Good Grief!!  Almost ruined my whole summer.

But we still planted tomatoes (my favorite) and have enjoyed a steady supply.  I love fresh sliced tomatoes with my scrabbled eggs for breakfast.  We were also gifted about 3 gallons of figs (another one of my favorites) and I made jam with those.  Yummy!  This year I put the figs in the food processor for my jam because my grand-daughter doesn’t like pieces of fruit in her jam, LOL!  It got her seal of approval.



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